Designed to withstand opposing efforts.

We manufacture according to plans or samples provided by the customer.

Materials: steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel…

They can have hooks or not. They can also be conical or biconical, with turns to the right or to the left…

We can supply them with superficial treatments.

» The measures that define a extension spring are the following:

  • Lt = total length of the spring at rest
  • Lc = length of the spring body
  • De = outside diameter
  • Di = inside diameter
  • H = wire diameter
  • Total number of turns
  • Direction of the spiral (if not indicated, it will be manufactured at will)
  • Types of hooks (English, German, gyratory, open, closed, double…)
  • Situation of the hooks (crossed, straight…)
Reference scheme for measures